high tech b2b revenue marketing with great content
When your great content is in front of the right engineer at the right time, he/she will engage. There's no need to send out the trawler and use a big wide open funnel to gather whatever you can catch. In 2024, we can be smarter and more patient than ever. Some are calling it revenue marketing today, others are still calling it sales-driven content marketing. To me, it's common [...] Read More
Advice on Measuring Digital Marketing Effectiveness
Digital marketing is the most efficient means today for any business-to-business (B-to-B, aka B2B) company to reach their customers and prospects in 2024. It’s affordable, specific, easy to use, trackable, and scalable. But with so many organic and paid tactics available, the task of evaluating where your marketing budget is being spent most wisely, and providing the best ROI, can be daunting. In [...] Read More
Boston based agency Strand | B-to-B Advertising Campaign for Aeroflex
The Aeroflex brand had been a household name for much of the last two decades in the RF/Microwave industry. Formerly a highly successful semiconductor and test equipment manufacturer, the company was taken private in 2007 by a group of investors that included Veritas Capital, Golden Gate Capital, and GS Direct, and began a roll up strategy that included several key players from up and down the microwave [...] Read More
Strand Marketing design, advertising and production for for Arc Technologies
2020 marks the 20th anniversary of our first introduction to a family-owned microwave absorber and advanced materials company called ARC Technologies. The business was recently sold to Hexcel Corporation, but the DNA of this unique company just north of Boston in Amesbury, MA still runs deep. Founded by expert materials scientist Daniel Healy, Sr. and managed by his wife Phyllis and son Dan, Jr., [...] Read More
strand marketing agency community service award
While we're nearing the end of our celebration of 25 years in the B-to-B marketing business, we're thrilled to have been recognized by our city and state for our dedication to community service. Last week, we received a Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Anchor Award” for two and half decades of participation in the community and economy of our historic [...] Read More
Getting any type of B-to-B prospect engaged in marketing content takes constant refinement and insight on what triggers the best response from each type of persona. What we’ve learned at Strand over the last 25 years of marketing to electro-mechanical design engineers, is that to them, knowledge is power. They’ll only stop to download something if they truly believe the investment in time [...] Read More
eBook Offers Tips on Producing Effective Tech Briefs as Digital Content
We've just announced the release of our new eBook “How to Produce the Ultimate Tech Brief”.  Created for senior sales and marketing executives, marcom managers, and sales/application engineers with content creation responsibilities, the eBook provides timely and sage advice on everything from cultivating collaboration, gaining buy-in from key stakeholders, cover design, [...] Read More
Setra chooses Strand Marketing
While already a respected brand name in the environmental sensor market, Setra recognized the need to give their brand identity an update that would reflect the state-of-the-art nature of their current technology. During this period, they also recognized a need to take an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach to creating new sales opportunties for their custom-engineered transducers. [...] Read More
Content-driven SEO example for electronics companies
While throughout our spotlight series we'll be doing a little trip back in the time machine, we'll also be bringing you stories of some our most recent achievements. A client since 2011, Custom MMIC, has been steadily grabbing an increasing share of the RF and microwave industry's MMIC business—fueled primarily by the fact that they make the best MMICs around. But they're also [...] Read More
LNX Spolight
In installment #2 of our spotlights on 25 years, we’re talking about the branding, high-tech photography, and creative marketing work we completed for RF/microwave company, LNX. What's incredible is it made them look so sharp, it helped them get scooped up by one of their biggest customers! Founded by RF/microwave industry entrepreneur, Lamberto Raffaeli, LNX Corporation [...] Read More
award winning high tech advertising campaign examples
In this first of 25 installments of our favorite work over the last 25 years, we offer a glimpse at one of our most successful high-tech advertising campaigns. When we were first introduced to Allied Vision, they had just opened a U.S. headquarters here in our hometown North of Boston in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The German-based designer and manufacturer of industrial, medical and scientific [...] Read More
example b-to-b marketing case study
Our latest work for Vaunix is a display of our resourcefulness as an experienced b-to-b marketing and advertising agency. Like so many of our clients, Vaunix frequently receives accolades from their customers for helping them overcome critical application-engineering related challenges. The instinct we have when we hear about these pats on the back is, of course, to publish a case study on the project [...] Read More
What began as a marketing consultancy and creative shop in the basement office of founder and owner David Strand’s home in 1994, Strand Marketing, Inc. opened its first headquarters in Burlington, MA just a few months later. In 2001, we moved into our current location — a creatively renovated “fix it” shop on the corner of U.S. Route 1 Northbound and Railroad Street in historic [...] Read More
While still in its relative infancy, artificial intelligence (AI) is successfully aiding search engine giants, like Google, with scanning, organizing, and prioritizing billions of pages on the web and helping them serve up content solutions in milliseconds to all of us every second of every day. At the same time, AI is enabling digital media companies to automatically generate enormous [...] Read More
Strand will once again be assisting RF/microwave industry clients attending the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) with their various tradeshow marketing needs. This year, the IMS show will be held in our backyard, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA. As such, we've put together unique promotional packages for any IMS exhibitor to take advantage of this year.  Promotional [...] Read More
Are you missing email notifications from your website? Are you not receiving sales requests? Are your email campaign bounce rates suddenly high? These email bouncing and blocking issues happen. And the "web guy" is often the first to field the call. But from our research, it's rarely their issue at all. More often than not, email outages are a result of non-website-related [...] Read More
We first introduced our Intent ICMS™ (Integrated Content Management System) at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The unique platform is now powering several leading brands, including: Custom MMIC SemiGen Accumet Vaunix Metrigraphics San-tron The Intent solution has been designed to meet the unique needs of catalog-driven electronic [...] Read More
In a recent article, Chris DeMartino, Technical Editor at Microwaves and RF magazine begs the question: “Does Your Company’s Website Do It Justice?” In it, he talks about the core components of B-to-B websites whose primary visitors are design engineers, including: - Thoughtful navigation that gets users to specs and resources quickly - Responsiveness to mobile devices - A [...] Read More
Mobile searches have consistently been on the rise for our B-to-B clients over the last 5 years, averaging 10% of all traffic. (Worldwide, mobile internet usage has actually just surpassed desktop searches.) But while it's important to offer the best user experience (UX) to your mobile visitors, it's the impact on your search engine optimization (SEO) that should have you [...] Read More
As long as there has been SaaS marketing automation software companies which have been offering to ease the creation and execution of your inbound, digital and/or content-driven b-to-b marketing campaigns, there has been a debate over whether the use of a subdomain by your SaaS partner company (presumably with your permission) hurts your search engine optimization results. This is particularly important [...] Read More
Creating a winning website can be your greatest achievement, or your biggest downfall if not crafted correctly. In a fantastic webinar by Trew Marketing, the steps to creating a winning B2B website are layed out on a silver platter.  Here at Strand, we follow these steps immensely as we craft each of our clients unique website from start to finish. We think its not only important to have a [...] Read More
Tech Marketing is Sink or Swim Right Now... Don
In a great article by Chief Executive,  emerging technology is discussed. Jumping on the tech wave is the best thing you can do for your companies success. Today, big corporate executives are dismissing emerging technology and disrupting service providers. This can lead to misreading important market trends that can be valuable to your company.  There are two trends riding the [...] Read More
  Ever wonder the difference between a domain name and hosting? In an article by Industrial Marketer, they dive into the distinction between the two.  What is a domain name? A domain name is purchased through, what is referred to as a registrar. A domain name is similar to having a phone number. Much like you need a provider to receive phone calls at your phone number, [...] Read More
Which is best for B-to-B, Inbound or Outbound Marketing?
In a recent White Paper, Industrial Equipment News (IEN) begs and then answers an age-old question for high tech and industrial product marketers: “Should you hunt down potential customers and present your brand message, or are you better off trying to “pull” interest by developing content that lures potential business your way?” From Strand’s experience, any successful [...] Read More
Industrial and Technology business-to-business (b-to-b) companies have a unique sales cycle. As a result, they require unique web marketing tools that resolve the challenges presented by SaaS tools built for all companies. SaaS companies like Magento® and Kentico®, and open-source solutions like Drupal® and WordPress® provide few flexible alternatives to allow a catalog-driven [...] Read More
GVD's new brand advertisment was designed by Strand Marketing based on GVD's 15 years of experience and dedication. GVD is an ultra-thin coating service provider with years of experience developing vapor deposited polymer coatings. GVD’s strength lies in the quality of their services and that was Strand's inspiration for this design.  Read More
Strand created a microsite for LPKF to promote their PCB prototyping machine recommender. This tool helps users zero in quickly on the ideal PCB Prototyping system and approach. The goal of this site was to give users a path to quickly answer five quick questions about their application needs, and they'll instantly receive a machine recommendation and be presented the chance to request a fast response [...] Read More
Strand Marketing has been working on projects with San-tron for many years and we are very excited for their new product advertisment that explores their line of connectors and cable assemblies unlike anything the defense community has seen before!  You can see this ad published in the May issue of Microwave Journal!  Read More
Every year we find new ways to best represent our clients at the International Microwave Symposium. This year, we've put together a collection of product, service, and brand announcements from some of our clients that will be attending the show.  Representing everything from MMIC devices to PCB Prototyping Machines and Wireless Test Lab Bricks, we've got all your RF and Microwave [...] Read More
Our creative team at Strand Marketing takes time to design the overall flow of the tech brief, initially created around the headline. First we choose a headline that best decribes the information being described in the brief. We pick a headline that not only has high SEO value, but will give the reader the best insight into what they will be able to learn in this technical brief!  Once [...] Read More
Strand Marketing was excited to collaborate with Integra and create their new look inspired from their new motto "FIND YOUR POWER"! Their team at Integra is dedicated to producing the highest performance devices in the industry and we have helped them create a new identity that pursues that vision!  “We are thrilled to have a new brand identity to coincide with [...] Read More
There’s obvious benefit to anyone who’s chosen to make a marketing career in any given business niche. In addition to building the best business relationships and friendships, years of observation allow you to witness the repetitive patterns of the prospect. As the patterns become predictable, you can leverage that insight to build creative and efficient sales lead generation systems. I [...] Read More
How Are They Different? A mission statement is different from a vision statement in that the former is the cause and the latter is the effect; a mission is something to be accomplished whereas a vision is something to be pursued for that accomplishment. The mission statement helps to define your business and determine your brand. It’s about clarity and focus. It helps your customers understand [...] Read More
On July 18th, 2017 IEEE Globalnet put on a webinar called Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector. Speakers included: Linda Uslaner (Director/Product Management at IEEE GlobalSpec Media Solutions), Jennifer Corcoran (Portfolio Marketing Specialist at IEEE GlobalSpec Media Solutions), and Bryan DeLuca (Senior Director, Audience Development & User Experience at IEEE GlobalSpec). I found the webinar [...] Read More
WordPress has long been known to be the number one content management system (CMS) being utilized on the web. A primary reason has been the web development community’s overwhelming adoption of open source coding. Basically, a share and share alike philosophy. According to W3Techs most recent survey, this philosophy has WordPress now powering roughly 28.1 percent of all websites in the world. [...] Read More
We’ll be using the backdrop of Waikiki to talk about the release of our new platform Intent ICMS™, an integrated content management system (ICMS), at the International Microwave Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii June 6th through the 8th. During a “Fireside Chat” scheduled for Thursday, June 8th in the 5G/IoT Pavilion booth #848, David Strand, our Founder and CEO, will provide executives [...] Read More
At next week’s International Microwave Symposium at the Honolulu Convention Center June 4-9th, of the many acronyms sure to be uttered in the halls and on the exhibit floor, “5G” is sure to be chief among them. Most frequently in a new 5G/IoT Pavilion in booth 848. Here attendees will be treated to insights on some exciting new products from several brands. But many questions will [...] Read More
Google will soon call out all websites (not just e-commerce sites) for not being secure if they do not switch to https. But what is https and why is it so important to Google now, even on sites that don’t accept highly personal information, such as credit card data? What Is Https? Https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity [...] Read More
“Boston is a logical location for a company seeking to marry manufacturing with advanced technology,” stated General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt, who went on to say, “Massachusetts spends more on research and development than any other region in the world, and [Boston] attracts a diverse, technologically-fluent workforce focused on solving challenges for the world.” Mr. [...] Read More
In our last blog we celebrated December as "Made in America" month and cited the fact that manufacturing, especially high-tech manufacturing, is headed back to the U.S. We listed the reasons for this turnaround: higher offshore wages with Chinese wages climbing at 15 to 20 percent each year; lower U.S. energy costs; a higher degree of American skilled labor; fewer transportation and [...] Read More
Link Building vs. Link Earning You are probably familiar with the term link building; the process of acquiring links from other websites that direct to your own in order to increase visibility. What you might not be aware of is the transition in SEO from link building to link earning. Link earning is similar to link building in that you strive to get links from other sites that direct back to yours, [...] Read More
It’s echoed around the globe a million times a day: “Did you see that video on ….” And yet you’ve only mustered a quick YouTube channel, a few iPhone videos of the factory, and maybe an interview with your QA guy, Bob. What’s up with that? Yes, good professional video marketing is hard. But so was learning to ride a bike at first. So get ready for your close-ups. Capture [...] Read More

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