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Posted on Friday, June 22, 2018

Industrial and Technology business-to-business (b-to-b) companies have a unique sales cycle. As a result, they require unique web marketing tools that resolve the challenges presented by SaaS tools built for all companies. SaaS companies like Magento® and Kentico®, and open-source solutions like Drupal® and WordPress® provide few flexible alternatives to allow a catalog-driven company to build websites without costing an arm and a leg.

This is why Strand has developed Intent ICMS™ (integrated content management system).

The web content management component of Intent has been designed to meet the unique needs of catalog-driven electronic component, materials, and equipment manufacturers who offer standardized products. Intent is not theme or template-based. It allows for complete custom user interface (UI) design, unique brand story-telling, and customizable database architecture. It is built around tried and true online B-to-B digital marketing and PHP website development principles. It provides easy administration and control over all website page editing, including, copy, images, videos, data and datasheets, engineering resources, blog posts, emails, landing pages and forms, sales reps and locations, careers, events, alt and meta tags, and more. And you won’t need WordPress or any other bolt on SaaS database software. It's the alternative that finally gives you complete control.

So, what does this mean for your company with a catalog of products and/or models? Why should you care that we have our own CMS?

Well, there are a lot of reasons we’ll cover in a series of blogs ahead about custom PHP web solutions, but right now, we’ll focus on the SEO value that Strand + Intent can provide.

Unless you’ve been living under a moon rock, you’ve noticed that to find anything is to simply “Google it”. What this equates to is that at this very moment internet technology and your online product marketing are at an apex. If you’re aligned perfectly with Google (and other notable search engines like Bing) your prospects will come. But how do you get aligned? How do you build a custom website that won’t break the bank or require a major design/development long term commitment?

Think Search Engine Optimization (SEO), right out of the gate, that’s how. SEO is defined by Business Dictionary as “…the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site's visibility in search engine results….” By using Intent when we build a website, our SEO and digital marketing experts have already worked out the pre-defined best practices with our development team, and so while building your website with Intent, SEO execution is inherently baked into our website design and development process. We don’t launch a website and then perform SEO. Each site is launched with a foundational SEO base that would otherwise be next to impossible to achieve after a website has launched. Intent does not use pesky subdomains either. Which means search engines will index all your content and associate it to your main root directory. Not sure why that matters? In a nutshell, a subdomain that looks like this vs. is seen essentially like another website to search bots. As such, the weight of your keywords is effectively split between two sites.

The extra benefit of choosing Intent, of course, is that our entire Strand team is trained in customizing and utilizing Intent to achieve maximum lead gen results. Once a site is launched with this custom PHP content management foundation, our account team will take over and keep evaluating and tweaking copy and tags, posting content-rich blogs, videos, and press releases, and basically do everything in our (legal) power to get and keep searches for your keywords and long tail phrases and expressions on page 1 of Google and other search engines who follow similar indexing practices. It’s the Intent ICMS, content-driven marketing way to demand generation—and it’s the only way to go.

In short, Intent is not only a fantastic PHP based CMS, it’s also a great SEO foundation builder and ongoing improvement tool. Plus, it includes CRM and marketing automation components, too.

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