We prefer to think of it as your sales pipeline. 

Picture this: great content in front of the right engineer, at the right time. 

Nine times out of ten, when Joe Engineer goes web surfing, his needs are pretty specific and urgent. He’s become aware of some of the usual suspects for his needs, but what happens when he’s ready to build a short list of potential suppliers for his design? Joe wants the prospects who are sending the right signals; the prospects that are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and ready to engage. With Strand Marketing and our Intent ICMS™ on your side, he'll turn to you. Our experienced high tech marketing and inbound strategy team knows how to keep Joe aware of who you are by developing content that's relevant and memorable. 

We’ve tossed aside the philosophy of nurturing leads that happen to have fallen into a big open mouth funnel. Instead, we send engineering and purchasing prospects straight down the pipe to your sales team.  

If this sounds like a better way to create sales leads and demand for your high tech or industrial brand, we look forward to hearing from you.

Strand Marketing

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