Take a 2024 Approach to Demand Generation for Your High Tech Company

Picture this: Your great content in front of the right engineer at the right time. They engage. No big fishing expeditions. No big wide open funnels full of junk leads. Doesn't it make sense that in 2024 we can do this? The answer is yes.

Nine times out of ten, when J. Engineer goes web surfing, their needs are pretty specific and urgent. They've become aware of some of the usual suppliers for their needs, and when they're ready to build a short list of the best options for a design, they go looking for the high tech companies who are sending the right signals; the brands that are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, and the teams that are ready to support their application from top to bottom. With Strand on your side, they'll soon be turning to you. Our experienced high tech marketing and website design experts and consultants know how to put you in front of J. and look great. We have the website design, content, SEO, digital advertising, and email marketing expertise that will make you stand out and be recognized. 

We’ve tossed aside the philosophy of gathering a bunch of arbitrary leads into a big funnel. With highly targeted content and messaging, and an insightful digital advertising campaign, we'll send hot engineering and supply-chain prospects straight down the pipe to your sales team.  

If this sounds like a better way to approach demand generation for your high tech or industrial products, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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We're located in Boston, MA, and we service high tech and industrial companies large and small all over the world.

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