LNX was more than ready for their closeup.

Posted on Monday, September 16, 2019
LNX Spolight

In installment #2 of our spotlights on 25 years, we’re talking about the branding, high-tech photography, and creative marketing work we completed for RF/microwave company, LNX. What's incredible is it made them look so sharp, it helped them get scooped up by one of their biggest customers!

Founded by RF/microwave industry entrepreneur, Lamberto Raffaeli, LNX Corporation specialized in the design and manufacture of high frequency RF/microwave and integrated digital assemblies. Our work for LNX included a new high-tech logo, a comprehensive capabilities brochure, photography, and a new website.



LNX Logo design by Strand Marketing

Looking to make a brand impression on a military/defense market known for their high expectations, Lamberto gave us the green light to take a bottom up approach to their logo, collateral, and website. The work included all new high-end photography of their facility and highly technical products. And with the help of expert technology photographer, Jon Skibbee, we left no stone unturned. The library of images we produced was used effectively to tell their brand story of being a dedicated high-performance RF/microwave supplier.

LNX brochure designed  by Strand Marketing

For the photography, Strand was in-charge of the complete creative direction, custom image creation, stock photography selection, and PhotoShop work. While the photos speak for themselves, we’re proud to say this was one of the most successful location and studio shoots we’ve had. LNX provided us with new and fully functional devices to work with and we were challenged to keep an interesting angle on the parts while showing both internal circuitry and exterior interconnections. (We even used our PhotoShop expertise to disguise a few things for security reasons without impacting the communication.) For the facility shoot, the photographer had to work among techs and assemblers who were busy at work like it was just another day on the production floor. The shot below of their test technician through a gap in a sea of test equipment remains one of our favorite shots.

Photoshoot by Strand Marketing for LNX

In addition to getting the attention of one of their biggest customers a few months later, Mercury Systems (a subsequent suitor and purchaser of the business), Lamberto himself was so impressed with our work he also had us design similar pieces for another company he formed in the supply chain business, Solynx. Which is still in operation today.

LNX was located in Salem, NH (just north of Boston, MA) prior to their acquisition.

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