Which is best for B-to-B, Inbound or Outbound Marketing?

Posted on Friday, June 29, 2018
Which is best for B-to-B, Inbound or Outbound Marketing?

In a recent White Paper, Industrial Equipment News (IEN) begs and then answers an age-old question for high tech and industrial product marketers: “Should you hunt down potential customers and present your brand message, or are you better off trying to “pull” interest by developing content that lures potential business your way?” From Strand’s experience, any successful marketing program will require both. But what’s the difference between inbound and outbound marketing? As IEN explains, “Outbound marketing tends to be comprised of more traditional advertising techniques. These might include display ads in print magazines or direct mailers, or things like website banners or e-newsletter advertising. The marketer establishes a target audience and populates the surrounding space with on-target messaging. Inbound marketing is an approach that uses content to help businesses earn customers by establishing themselves as qualified subject matter experts. Potential customers might find relevant content through opt-in media (an e-newsletter, for example) or via the web. Engaging with valuable subject matter leaves them with familiarity and respect for your brand. Then, when it’s time to buy, they come to you. For many businesses looking to lure customers, push/pull approaches aren’t mutually exclusive. In reality, there are significant benefits to each, and many successful marketers look to balance the two.”

Download the White Paper and explore the art of successful inbound and outbound marketing strategies for tech and industry, and learn why both will likely have a place in your branding and lead generation strategies.

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