Marketing Strategies for Growth Minded High Tech and Industrial Brands

Is it time to break out of the office and revisit your business objectives, redefine who and what your business is really all about, and where it’s going in the world? We can help. For the past 23 years Strand has been helping high tech and industrial brands and their teams rethink, retool, and re-engage around their business objectives, getting them on track with an invigorated marketing and advertising campaign centered on growth.

We’ll take a look at your segmentation, your competition, your people and your platforms, then draw up attainable goals and tactical strategies to achieve. These are typically 30 day sprints, not in-depth marathon sessions. We believe that until your team’s own personal industry insights have been mined efficiently and turned into useful cornerstones, you won’t get proper engagement. With a web-centric strategy, a continuous improvement model is instantaneously installed. Being focused in high tech and industry, we can also apply our own insight during facilitation. This breeds confidence, and often helps speed things along.

Strategic Discovery Workshops

Our professional strategy sessions include modified Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) evaluations that are guided by agency founder and Brand Director, David Strand. Having spent his entire career around the factory floor and in the C-suite of a wide variety of technology and industrial businesses, he’s gained insight into where the growth opportunities are; he knows how to create a road map and a credo your team can embrace.

Account-Based Marketing

While a high level, global SEO strategy is an important component to an inbound strategy, more and more companies are getting back to the roots of what was traditionally called direct marketing. In its new gestation as account-based marketing (ABM), we employ all new digital marketing and content tools to seek out those prospects at key accounts with laser focus and lead them into your funnel.

Website Audits and Evaluations

If improving your website is a core business objective, our user experience (UX), information architecture (IA), and search engine optimization (SEO) consulting will help you create a new website that your customers and search engines will love.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

If building a better bridge between marketing and sales has become critical, we can provide a functional and technical evaluation of your team dynamics and the health of the CMS, marketing automation, and CRM systems underneath. In addition to getting these teams better aligned around common goals, we can also evaluate and fix your underlying software platforms.

Investor Consulting

Are you an investor wondering if a prospective or current company in your portfolio has an optimized branding and lead generation system? Allow us to help you see the real data on everything from website traffic, brand engagement, social media, pay-per-click advertising, SEO rankings, and overall marketing communications to better understand the ROI of your marketing and advertising investments.

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