Unused Case Study Content Becomes a Spotlight for Vaunix

Posted on Thursday, August 01, 2019
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Our latest work for Vaunix is a display of our resourcefulness as an experienced b-to-b marketing and advertising agency. Like so many of our clients, Vaunix frequently receives accolades from their customers for helping them overcome critical application-engineering related challenges. The instinct we have when we hear about these pats on the back is, of course, to publish a case study on the project whenever we can. But on a fair number of occasions (which we’re certain our fellow wireless, military, aerospace, defense, and space product marketing professionals can relate), we’re caught up in the challenge of completing the necessary in-depth interviews and going through the long cycle of gaining legal approvals necessary before publishing such a case study. This often leads to half-finished case studies that never see the light of day. So, we’ve created a category within our Intent ICMS platform under Vaunix’s (and other clients’) Updates section called “Spotlights”. This new category provides us the opportunity to present the key challenge of the customer, and Vaunix’s unique solution to it, without having to rely on in-depth application details that might not be necessary at this level of communication. The results are tidy thought-leadership pieces that still provide Vaunix’s wireless engineering prospects key insights and helps build brand recognition for them while utilizing what content we have. The overall impact is very effective in their overarching SEO and demand generation campaign, as well.

Here's the short story: Fluidmesh (in this example, we were able to use the end customer name), an Italian design/manufacturer of Wi-Fi solutions known for bringing broadband connectivity to remote sites and in environments that are among the most challenging to connect, took on the challenge of creating seamless Wi-Fi for the myriad of needs a high-speed rail service might have. The key problem they encountered along the way, however, was creating Wi-Fi and other wireless handover test simulations that would accurately represent the real-life conditions of a network of speeding trains moving among buildings, train stations, mountains, and each other. While Vaunix’s USB programmable Lab Brick Digital Attenuators was, in the end, a simple solution, it was nonetheless elegant in the way it solved a big simulation challenge for Fluidmesh.

Read the whole spotlight here in Vaunix’s spotlight section >>

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