At Strand, we venture where other agencies don’t dare to go. Where the lingo can be foreign, the products complex, and the engineering-driven prospect difficult to engage. Over the last 25 years we’ve honed our craft by marketing products in high-technology and industrial niches just like yours. We’ve developed digital marketing and advertising best practices for RF/microwave devices, microlectronics, ICs, scientific and medical devices, materials, manufacturing equipment, and software—and we intimately understand the high tech sales process. We’ve become acutely aware of the habits of the technical consumer, and know exactly how to engage with them and bring them closer to your brand.

We’re experts in all B-to-B marketing and advertising techniques—including integrated print and digital advertising, website design and development, SEO/SEM, PR/social media, trade shows, email and content marketing. Allow us to work with you to refine your demand generation process until it becomes a systematic marketing machine.



Our approach is to bring our extensive strategic and creative expertise to the table and work with you collaboratively to build a reliable, consistent, and measurable branding and lead generation system.

It starts with a discovery workshop, where we put the business objectives ahead of the creative ideas, and we never let them out of sight. While there's a wave new B-to-B tactics being introduced every year, we’re firm believers the tools need to stay in the bag until the vision and objectives are in place. (It's not uncommon for us to hear: “The last guys just wanted to throw their solution at our problems… they weren’t really listening… they didn’t get us.” )

During discovery we do more than listen. We put our years of B-to-B experience to work in facilitating a strategic session that delivers a focused business position, and a strategic and tactical plan. Then we let the creative sparks fly—crafting visual communications and digital campaigns that connect with your engineering prospects and inspire them to take action. When possible, we build out your campaign on our proven platform, Intent ICMS™ in concert with our preferred marketing automation/CRM system, SharpSpring. And if some tools or platforms have already been adopted, we're also capable and experienced in executing with Salesforce/Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Magento, Shopify, Sugar CRM, and more.

If this approach sounds like it might work for you, contact us. We’d love to hear from you >>



David Strand

David Strand
CEO & Brand Director

Strand is led by Founder and Principal, David Strand. His dual role as both Chief Executive and Brand Director keeps his focus on two main objectives for the agency—creating an environment where a clients services team can revel in their work, and providing expert vision for each of our client’s brands. His experience is primarily in running Strand for the last 25 years, but before that he did his stint on the client side working elbow to elbow with RF engineers in product marketing for a wireless semiconductor company. He lives on Plum Island (the good side) with his wife, Kathleen, and daughter, Olivia.

Kathleen Bottalico-Strand

Kathleen Bottalico-Strand
Operations Director

Superman was not complete without Lois. Or was that vice versa? Kathleen’s role as Director of Operations allows her to utilize her deep roots managing sales territories in the textile and fashion business to dive into the key question in every client strategy: What are your sales goals? After assisting in shaping sales-driven strategies she goes to work in client services ensuring every obstacle of moving work through the Strand pipeline is removed and the team has plenty of laughs. She spins a mean spreadsheet—and salad.

Dorina Sawyer

Dorina Sawyer
Operations Manager

Dorina, or “Dori” as she’s known to the Strand team, has a strong background in business and operations management. In addition to being an integral part of Strand’s light-hearted-yet-driven company culture, Dori’s diverse business skillset, operations management skills and financial prowess truly set her apart. Dori is a proud mother, an avid skier, and a devoted member of several charitable organizations.

David Bush

David Bush
Creative Director

Longstanding clients and friends of the agency know that David Bush is behind some of the cleanest and brightest campaigns in the business. He's an expert graphic artist and seasoned UI designer. But his greatest strength is instinctive ability to boil down even the most complex technologies to their most salient point—and nailing the creative spin on it.

Brad Emerson

Brad Emerson
Web Developer

Brad brings more than 12 years of web programming experience to Strand Marketing. He's geek enough to throw together Intent ICMSTM, Strand's proprietary CMS, but not so geek that he can't communicate and execute the design team's grand visions. Brad works best while excessively caffeinated and in his spare time, plays with guitars, basses, cameras, and road bikes.

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