Strand Launches Fast and Effective Microsite for LPKF USA

Posted on Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Strand created a microsite for LPKF to promote their PCB prototyping machine recommender. This tool helps users zero in quickly on the ideal PCB Prototyping system and approach. The goal of this site was to give users a path to quickly answer five quick questions about their application needs, and they'll instantly receive a machine recommendation and be presented the chance to request a fast response on price and delivery.

The site also features an updates section specifically tailored to include information about the PCB prototyping machines recommended by the tool as well as blogs to help users find more information about the pros and cons of bringing PCB Prototyping in-house.

This is a small, powerful site. Filled with well thought out information, it proves that bigger isn't always better. 

Ready to light things up?

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