What is Intent ICMS™?

Intent ICMS is Strand’s unique and modular website development, marketing automation, CRM and lead generation platform. It's the result of years of experience launching websites and demand generation campaigns for our high tech B2B clients. After experimenting with, inheriting, and deploying disparate software from several SaaS vendors, we made the decision to fully optimize our own website development and back-end management tools. These perform core, repetitive functions in our unique marketing service business model. And now, with just one associate software provider, our team is able to do it all for you with Intent.


It’s everything you need—and nothing you don’t

At Strand we put our service ahead of the software, thus, our modular platform has been built around the unique sales and marketing needs of our engineering-driven clients. When a SaaS software company designs a solution, it has to be created for the B2B and B2C masses to achieve appropriate penetration. Which means it does a whole lot you don’t need (but often pay for), and often misses the mark on the things you really do.


CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation, and SEO best practices are built in

Rather than bringing an SEO or digital marketing expert in after you’ve built a site, we have our experts work with our development team to set in the fundamentals of each discipline so it’s inherently part of our design, development and maintenance routine. Intent allows us to onboard you and execute on campaign tactics quickly, while making web updates on-the-fly.


Pure, clean, responsive code

Intent ICMS publishes your website to the web as pure HTML, leaving cumbersome CMS code behind the scenes. It’s also inherently responsive, so no matter what device your prospects are on, their entire site experience will be enjoyable.


It’s safer than WordPress

Because Intent is our own custom code, we don’t bring in potentially vulnerable code from the open source community, like a WordPress site might. Nor do we host on dedicated WordPress networks that are notoriously known to spread viruses.


It’s modular and customizable

We can build you a custom content managed website, adding any number of options from our proven library, and connect it up with marketing automation and CRM tools in a snap. Popular site development options include: back-end catalog databases and intuitive engineering-driven table displays, Support/FAQ pages, and an aggregated Updates section including News, Events, Blogs, Videos, and Technical Resources for your visitors to peruse. (This handy suite becomes calls-to-action for our Account Team to use to keep your visitors moving to and through your site.) We also have a turnkey sales representative and distributor management tool, a careers management tool, and an RFQ form that makes it easy for prospects to upload information that will help you create a thorough price quote. Plus, if it’s not in our code library, our talented development team will build you anything you need.


No lazy subdomains

Intent does not use subdomains. Which means search engines will index ALL your content and associate it to your main root directory.


Analytics and reporting are standardized and routine

Computing ROI on your marketing investment is hard enough, but when you have to mine different sources of data to figure out where you’re spending wisely, and where you’re not, it becomes almost impossible. With Intent, we’ve aggregated all the necessary sources of campaign data, and our Account Team will send you a monthly dashboard report to make it easy to keep your finger on the pulse of activity.


There’s no anxiety over a potential separation

We’d be sad to see you go, but if it becomes time for a change, you will get a functional HTML version of your site. No exporting of content, no rebuilding databases, no re-indexing of URLs required. No long, drawn-out negotiation and hurdles to jump through.


How do we use Intent to help you drive sales?


With Intent we become your complete demand generation outsource

Wouldn’t it be nice to go from strategy to execution with the same team and have it all managed efficiently in a cohesive system? Our Account and Creative Teams are trained in the art of high tech demand generation, and with Intent as a platform, they can execute on everything needed to drive high quality leads for you.


We know what your prospects want because they tell us

Not only does Intent help us see analytics, like traffic sources and keywords that lead to your type of solutions, but it shows patterns of behavior and encourages inquiries that are very often indicative of larger market opportunities.


We keep your current customers happy, too

Your best customer is your current customer and with segmentation, we can nurture the relationships that are most critical to you today and tomorrow.


Ready to light things up?

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