As the race to 5G is leading to all new wireless networking ideas and technologies, Vaunix offers the portable and programmable testing solutions that are empowering faster deployments. Our biggest compliment about our work came not from our client, but a tradeshow attendee who asked them: "How big are you guys?" When the truth came up about this small, specialized design/manufacturer the man said, "Wow! I would've thought you guys were much bigger than that." We love helping the David's overcome the Goliaths once in a while.

Branding Vaunix


There's nothing more rewarding than starting a campaign with a manufacturer as they're ready to make their growth move and ask you to give them a new set of wheels. 

Web Design

Built using the latest rev. of our custom PHP CMS Intent ICMS web design and content management system, Vaunix's new mobile-friendly, SEO-driven, and ecommerce-complete website is keeping them on pace for another record breaking year.


Taking the position that soon everyone will be using programmable devices for wireless testing (instead of bulky, over-burdened, high priced test equipment), Vaunix takes a leadership approach with their innovative technology.


Smart content like these Tech Briefs is continuosly turning web visitors into Vaunix customers.

Trade show Event Vaunix

Trade Show

Combining brand recognition while keeping a modern style, this booth ensures Vaunix stands out from the competition at an any event. 

Ready to light things up?

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