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Among Strand's very first customers, CEO of SemiGen, Jim Morgan, has put his faith in us on several occasions. It started with MicroMetrics, a diode manufacturing company Jim owned that serviced the RF/microwave industry with military-grade devices. Over 6 years we helped refine and evolve a continuously improving brand recognition and lead generation program for MicroMetrics, and they were eventually sold to Aeroflex. Jim stayed onboard as President, and we continued our work leveraging a bigger brand name. Aeroflex was eventually sold again to Cobham (and most recently M/A-COM). When Jim started SemiGen, a contract manufacturer and component supplier, Strand was among the first calls he made. We helped create the brand identity and slogan, and are driving steady traffic to their website via an integrated digital and print campaign, which is leading to an increasing flow of new sales opportunities.

Branding SemiGen


Incorporated as Semi-General, Inc., Strand suggested brevity in their go-to-market brand strategy with SemiGen, and developed a logo which would have legs as the executive team evolved the business into a full-service assembly service and supplies company. “Get the edge” is a payoff of their credo to be an invaluable and nimble microwave industry partner.

Web Design

Also recently transitioned to our Intent ICMS, SemiGen’s website is both classic and sleek. It’s completely responsive for mobile, gives engineers and program mangers alike a great user-experience, includes an ecommerce store for bonding supplies, and is driving sales at a steady pace.


Using a full page print ad to build brand and a cornerstone message, Strand’s integrated print and digital advertising campaign drives recognition, and traffic to their website.

Trade Show

One for going big or going home, Jim Morgan recently tasked Strand to double SemiGen’s tradeshow exhibit footprint and exponentially deliver better ROI on shows in general. We have not disappointed.

SemiGen Tech Brochure
SemiGen Tech Content


We received the biggest high five ever from Jim with this recent brochure positioning SemiGen as a full-service microwave industry partner. Wait until he sees next month’s campaign update report, as his newest Tech Brief and PR is getting some serious eyeballs.

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