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Laser Services

A client since 2008, Laser Services has entrusted Strand with a ground-up brand building and sales lead generation campaign that continues to gain steam each quarter. We developed a whole new brand identity that speaks to their laser fast, laser precise credo, messaging that speaks to their various high profile OEMs in aerospace and medical, and a content-driven SEO and email marketing campaign that has them atop search engine results and approved vendor lists across the country.


Classically tired looking for a contract manufacturing business born in the 80s, job one was to give the Laser Services’ brand a high tech look with a touch of style―and grace under pressure.

Web Design

Recently transitioned to Intent, Strand’s Integrated Content Management System, or ICMS, Laser Services’ website is winning praise from customers, and even competitors. How do we know? A few of their customers are Strand customers, too. And the competitors? They just love popping by their tradeshow booth to talk shop. Search engines love the site, too, as they continue to gain and retain page one rankings for most every keyword they’re aiming for. Best of all, every week a steady stream of requests for quote come from their site netting them new customers, and a very sustainable business model.

Trade Show

Helping Laser Services get to both regional and global technology shows alike, Strand has helped Laser Services make tradeshow marketing a vibrant component of their overall sales and marketing strategy.


A killer sales brochure and engineering-driven, thought-leadership-inspired content helps keep the brand afloat and bait in the water.

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